Here you can find information pertaining to office hours, tricks and tips, and additional resources helping students succeed in the Mobile App Challenge:


Office Hours:

A chance to get tips on idea impact, product marketability:

A chance to discuss coding strategies, tools, etc.:

  • CSE (Angelo): Fridays 1-5 @ COB 370
  • CSE (Daniel): Fridays 9-11am @ AOA 126

Do not expect professors to fix bugs or broken code, they are there for advising, not debugging.


Rules and Expectations:

  • Teams

    • 2-5 undergraduates per team (only undergraduates may compete)
    • All majors welcome, but it is recommended to have at least one CSE major
    • Can compete with the same team/idea as your CSE 120 class
  • Apps

    • Idea must align with CITRIS' initiatives and social impact (check with CITRIS if unsure [])
    • No industry-defined projects
    • A working/demonstratable app is expected
  • Assignments

    • At least one member per team must attend CITRIS' FIT speakers series
    • Teams must submit all documents to a GitHub project
    • CITRIS and CSE 120 office hours available and recommended